Points Race

What is it?
USSSA Baseball is awarding the top USSSA Baseball teams who have earned the most USSSA Points during the 2022 season.

Top point earners in each division: (26 divisions)
7U | 8U | 9A | 9AA | 9AAA | 9M | 10A | 10AA | 10AAA | 10M | 11 A | 11AA | 11AAA | 11M
12A | 12AA | 12AAA | 12M | 13A | 13AA | 13AAA | 13M | 14A | 14AA | 14AAA | 14M

Eligibility begins August 1, 2021
Concludes at the end of the 2022 season

How to earn points?
Earn USSSA points at any USSSA sanctioned event in the country!
State divisional point champions must earn a minimum of 500 USSSA points

State Points Race Awards:
The team in each division with the most points in Florida will receive:
Individual 2022 USSSA State Point Championship Rings
Team 2022 USSSA State Point Championship Banner

The State points race winner will be eligible to win the USSSA Regional Points Race.
See below for baseball regions

Regional Points Race Awards:
The top team in each division per region will be crowned Regional Points Race Champions!
Winners will receive a 2022 USSSA Regional Points Race Championship Ring.

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